Bad Dogs  LbNA # 68378

Placed DateMay 2 2015
LocationStagecoach Park, 880 Main St , Buda, TX
Found By screamin meemie
Last Found May 19 2017
Hike Distance?
Last EditedMar 30 2016

Park near the bathroom at the last parking lot. Go to the entrance circle with the sign. Continue straight ahead to the pavilion. Go on trail to the right of the pavilion. Stay on the main trail, turning neither left or right. Until you come to the Windmill with the lake behind it. Look to your right for an entrance to the Scout Camp Circle. Walk to the circle. Look directly across the circle to the multi trunked tree. The box is between the first two trunks under a broken branch.

Return to the windmill and turn right to get back on the path. Turn neither left or right off the trail. The trail circles back to the far side of the lake. Continue on the path until you see the playground ahead of you. There is a lone crepe myrtle tree to your right. The box is in plain site in the fork of the tree.

Retired Box #2. Continue toward the playground and the pavilion you originally passed is to its left. Follow the path back to your car.