troop 37025  LbNA # 68568

Placed DateJun 3 2015
LocationRoosevelt Park, Stratford, CT
Planted Bybattaglinofam    
Found By Team Rogue
Last Found Nov 18 2022
Hike Distance1-2 mi
Last EditedSep 19 2015

Troop 37025 Letter Box Clues

Start from the main parking lot on Peters Lane, go through the main gate entrance. On your right by the stone wall starts the green blaze trail. Follow this until you come to a clearing. (The orange and green trail intersects). This is a gas pipeline that runs throughout the park. Turn right and proceed over some hills and a foot bridge.

You will see a green blazed trail on your right. Do not take it. Keep going.. Soon you will see a second blazed green trail on your right. Turn here.

Follow this trail down a hill and under a fallen tree. Continue on thru a muddy swamp area and up a hill. Keep going, as the trail widens you see a large rock near the middle of the trail and a small stream on your left, on your right you will see a giant flat rock that is split into four sections. The first section is covered in moss.

The letterbox is hidden in a crevice in the rear of the third section of rock.

To get back to the parking lot continue on the trail until you come to a “T” turn left and this will lead you to the road you entered the park on. Turn right and continue on the road back to the parking area.