Box of the Month 2015: Bird of Zentangle (June)  LbNA # 68571 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerFlutterby Flew By    
Placed DateMay 30 2015
CountyNew London
LocationTrumbull Cemetery, Lebanon, CT
Found By taylors
Last Found Jun 29 2015
Hike Distance?

**As of 6/29/15-this box has been retired.**

The box of the month series for 2015 has started! The ridiculous amount of snow cover is making it a little tricky around here, but the fifth box is planted!

This year I will be planting the box in different cemeteries and historic places around Lebanon-just to keep it interesting. Be sure to check the location EACH month as I will not be planting in the same spot.

In finding these wonderful letterboxes, you will get to see gorgeous creations from all over the US. Please take extra special care of them as they have many more stops to make before they head home.

So, to find the fifth box in this series, head to Trumbull Cemetery on Exeter Road/Route207. This is at the bottom of the hill after the elementary school if you are headed East.
Park off the road in front of the cemetery, and face it. There is lots of history here if you care to look around. Look right and see stone steps.
Go over the stone steps and stop on the last one. From here walk ~36 steps along the wall.
Stop. Look right, and low in the wall to find the Bird of Zentangle letterbox by aMAZEing adventure frog of St. Louis, MO.
Please tuck it back in securely when you are done.