The Birds and The Bees  LbNA # 6865

Placed DateJan 4 2004
LocationGresham, OR
Found By kiddie troop
Last Found May 24 2008
Hike Distance?

Last reported: May 2005 (At this time someone reported that box 1 was missing, as of May 2005, box 1 was in place and had no visitors.)

Once upon a time there lived a young boy and a young girl. They spent most of their mispent youth despising each other. Their parents got so sick of hearing them ramble on about the vices of the other that they hatched a plot against their young.

Each set of parents took their offspring to Oxbow Park in Gresham. (You know the one, take Division clear to the end and then follow the signs. Day use fee of $4, must be out by sunset. Dogs are not permitted) Once they were at Oxbow both parents parked at the boat ramp (sound familiar? It should if you've done the Oxbow series or the Riverbend box) and kicked them out. The teenagers were told in no uncertain terms that they would NOT be picked up until they learned to get along. The girl shook her pretty little head and stamped her little foot but her parents got in the car and drove away. The boy leaned against Dad's car and looked unconcerned until the car started to move right out from under his tucus. He stepped aside and looked around.

Our tempermental heroine decided she was not going to stand there just waiting for HIM to make a descision so she headed off down the boat ramp and took the first right turn she could find. Our ever so cool hero knew he'd better follow her, if anything were to happen it would be him they would blame. As the young lady ran down the path she wasn't very careful and tripped over a branch that someone had carelessly left on the path. She cried out as she fell. She tried to get up right away so as not to injure her pride anymore but discovered her ankle was twisted. She scooted herself off the path and leaned against a large cedar tree. (A cedar tree, that could be a hint you know). Upon hearing her cry the young man ran down the path to find her.. he ran right past her, she was off the path now you know. He stopped at the split rail fence and looked around. Oh yes, there she was just 50 feet or so back against the cedar tree. He went back and like the gallant young man he was, put aside his dislike of her and helped her to her feet. She leaned against his strong shoulder and they limped off down the road. But I think she may have left a piece of her heart behind that cedar tree.

After wandering here and there they found themselves at the ampitheater. No show was playing but they did sit for a spell and take a break. Her ankle was much better by now so, being stubborn teenagers, they went their seperate ways. He headed into the camping area, she went to the bathroom to freshen up. Now being a rugged survivalist type, he decided to go and cut some wood for a fire. He headed into the woods at the sign that pointed to Group Camp Site 3. Down the hill he went until he reached an intersection. From the intersection he traveled 100 paces in some direction. I'm not sure which way he went, he was to busy thinking about HER to keep his mind on his work. Just give them all a try, the tree he cut the branches off of is exactly 100 steps from the intersection and stands tall and bare and straight. You can see where he dug his foot into the root area to get a hold.. I think he may have left a bit of HIS heart at that tree.

He succeeded in cutting quite a bit of wood and carried it back up the hill to the picnic area. He built a fire and went looking for his partner in crime. He found her STILL in the bathroom. (What do girls do in there for that long?) They enjoyed the fruits of his labor, hoping for rescue. They talked for an hour or so, and found that when they quit arguing they had quite a bit in common. Unfortunately it became evident that they were NOT going to be rescued. They decided to hike to the main gate and see if the girl in the box would take pity on them.

Past the group picnic areas they strolled hand in hand to the edge of the ancient forest. Off to the left lay a large fallen log, just before a picnic table. The trail lead them up and to the right, they hoped it was the right way.. past another large fallen log, sawed off to clear the trail. There in a tangled up mess they discovered that all you need is love! Their eyes met and the car horn blared. They turned around and ran to the roadside where there parents waited