Morgan's Raid #3(Down for Maint.)  LbNA # 6898

Ownermr. bloodhound    
Placed DateJan 10 2004
LocationBeaver, OH
Found By Safari Man
Last Found Apr 4 2005
Hike Distance?

Beaver, Ohio
Pike County

Bring ink pad and pen.

In July of 1863, Confederate Cavalry General John Hunt Morgan lead more than 2,500 of his troopers on a daring raid through Ohio. Morgan's men left behind them an interesting account of one of the most daring raid's of the American Civil War (Not to mention some of the finest thoroughbred horses) Today, all along the original Morgan's Raid route, there are rich stories of what took place in each particular location. Some instances during the raid were quite comical, while other cases were tragic reminders that we were at war.

On Thursday July 16, 1863 Morgan’s men rode into the small village of Beaver. With a little time on their hands, the men looked up the local blacksmith and asked him to replace some shoes on the raider’s horses. No doubt in fear of his life, the blacksmith complied with the request. When finished with his work, he was shocked to find out the Confederates wanted to pay him. While the rebel cannons were parked in town, a curious young boy stuck his head in one of the barrels, getting it caught. With the Yankees, no doubt closing in on their location, the Rebels carefully dislodged the young boys head from the barrel and left town.

Directions: Take OH Rte. 335 north from OH. 32 approx. 2 miles to Beaver. Find Beaver Union Cemetery.

Clues: Once in the cemetery, find the Davis mausoleum. At the south east corner of the mausoleum take a compass reading of 150 º and walk 8 paces to a large cedar with trunks. Look between the trunks and look high. Please re-hide well. Email me if you find.