Robious Landing Park  LbNA # 6915 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 12 2004
LocationRichmond, VA
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Location: James River Road
Located off of Robious Road. From Huguenot Road head west on Robious, go about 3 miles and turn right on James River Road. Park is at end of Road.

Hunting Info: Paths are mostly flat with a few small hills, should take about half an hour. Kid friendly.

-Pull into parking lot on right.
-Take the path to the river.
-Park on the first bench that you come to at the river.
-Ponder the good things of letterboxing as you watch the James River.
-When you are done, find the dirt path that is behind the bench. Go east on this path.
-At the first intersection, take a left on the gravel path.
-At the next fork, don't take a break on the right, take another left.
-At the next fork, take the low road at 210 degrees.
-Cross a bridge.
-At the next intersection, don't take a left.
-Cross another bridge.
-As you climb up a hill, you'll pass a hole in the ground.
-Just after this hole in the ground, look to the right for a tree stump about three feet tall. Beside this tree stump under a fallen tree is the letterbox.
-To get back to your vehicle, continue on the trail and you will come to the road you came in on. Take a right, to the parking lot.