Star Box  LbNA # 6953 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 18 2004
CountyEl Paso
LocationColorado Springs, CO
Found By a knight's tale
Last Found Jul 7 2012
Hike Distance?

“Star Box” near Starry Point, Palmer Park, Colorado Springs, Colorado

This letterbox is located about 1 mile from where you park. Plan an hour to hike and locate the letterbox. The trail is at times rocky and may be icy after a snowstorm. The last climb to the letterbox is steep and has tricky footing. The view is magnificent and well worth the effort. Your dog and older children will love it!

Find the intersection of Union boulevard and Austin bluffs Parkway in Colorado Springs. Drive east on Austin Bluffs Parkway from this intersection to the first right turn, Brenner Place. Park at the north entrance to Palmer Park by the sign that says, “Welcome to Green Crest, Drive Carefully.” Walk through the opening in the split rail fence and proceed a short distance to a large parking area. On the west end of this lot, take the trail that goes through the opening in a series of medium sized rocks. Go left and up the hill almost immediately. Look for a critter hole on your right under a big rock. Take all right turns, even at the “Y.” Continue moving uphill until the triangles in the trail, then follow the trail left. At the “V” tree, follow the trail to the left. At a series of long, exposed tree roots stay on the trail going right, then up the hill to the left. Pause at the split rail fence to catch your breath. When you come to a “T” crossing, go right, around the hill. You should catch glimpses and hear traffic on Austin Bluffs Parkway. It is down the hill on your right. Next watch for a series of big stone steps. My pedometer says I’ve come 1120 steps at this point. Stay on this trail going around the hill. As you approach “Starry Point” look up and see Grandmother Turtle, the top silhouette of a very big red rock, in front of you. Walk part way out on the cliff edge, “Starry Point.” Turn east, and look at Grandmother Turtle rock. Notice a dark hole like a navel in her belly. Notice an indented line that extends up from the hole. Line this slit up with a medium sized pine tree on the horizon. This is “Thin Tree.” Keeping “Thin Tree” in your sights climb up the hill until you find her. There are a variety of ways to get there. Near the top of the hill, “Thin Tree” will be on your right. Look for a small trail that leads to her. When you come to “Thin Tree” hop down a small rock wall and look under the biggest rock overhang at the base of her trunk. You will have to remove several smaller rocks that are concealing the “Star Box” letterbox. Remember to turn around to take in the fabulous view of Pikes Peak and the frontrange.

You may return to your car by retracing your steps, or make your way down the hill to the trail and continue on to explore Palmer Park.