Amy's Sweet Valentine's Day Mystery  LbNA # 697

Placed DateApr 24 2003
Location???, CT
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 3 2012
Hike Distance?

Amy's Sweet Valentine's Day Mystery
Placed by Patrick for Amy on Valentine's Day

-1659: The town was first settled on land acquired from the leaders of the Mohegan Indians.
-1786: The town this place is in was established.
-1873: The ground was broken for this place, and was named after the man who donated the land for it.
-1964: The ground was broken for this place in "addition."
-2000: Amy and I had a very important date there.
-From the front steps find 105 degrees and follow that road. (It will look like a four way intersection, it'll be the one going away from you.)
-Go 0.6 mile and come to a cemetary on your right.
-Find Miss Yee Wah in the back of the cemetary.
-Take a reading of 230 degrees to a large stump.
-Behind stump one step, under large piece of dead wood.

-Please be very DISCRETE, as this is a very public place.
-Please rehide this box carefully.