Crosscountry Crossroads  LbNA # 6973 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 20 2004
LocationIndianapolis-Lawrence, IN
Found By JBBK
Last Found Sep 30 2006
Hike Distance?

The Crosscountry Crossroads Letterbox

Fort Harrison State Park, Lawrence Creek Trail
Hike - about 1 mile, pretty easy path
Marion County - Indianapolis (Lawrence), IN
Placed by Winky and Sam-I-am of the Formidable Donuts on January 20, 2004

For Directions go to Park in the Lawrence Creek Trailhead Parking area. The trailhead is across the road. Begin there!

** This park has a fee of $5 for out of state, $4 for in state per car. We visited in the off season (November 1- March 31) while on a cross country trip, and did not have to pay. The winter hours are 8AM-7PM.

Take the trail to the top of the hill, where the path starts to level off. Soon the path will curve left and right again, like an "S". Find the small path that Y's to the left at 160 degrees. Take this path for 70 steps, where you end up between matching tiny trees on either side of the path. See the large oak on the left? Take a baring of 35 degrees from the tree and walk 20 steps to a short broken stump. Now take a reading of 40 on your compass and talk 12 more steps to a stump about 2 feet tall. Inside the hollow of this stump is the box you seek.

Enjoy and remember to re-hide carefully.

Where is Fort Harrison SP ?

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