Mama Mardelle  LbNA # 69915

OwnerSea Buddha and Me    
Placed DateMay 8 2016
LocationJames tellen woodland sculpture garden, Sheboygan, WI
Found By Movin'
Last Found Jul 4 2017
Hike Distance.1 mi
Last EditedJun 7 2016

This letterbox was placed in memory of Mardelle Hirschmann. A beautiful, funny, mysterious soul. She left this world too young and is missed every day. This garden was chosen for its hidden beauty. Fitting for her. Start at the parking lot and begin your walk on the pathway. You will pass some fun loving musicians and a deer. Mardelle was the mom of one of my closest childhood friends who is artistic and wise. We chose a owl container because of the wisdom she carries with her from her mom. Once you get to St Peter count 8 paces from his basket. Look inside the stump. Mark up and rehide well. This box has 2 stamps. Because this is a memorial box please leave a memory of your missed loved one. Happy Mother's Day Mardelle. Much love to you always.