Healthy Living - Oregon  LbNA # 6993

Placed DateJan 26 2004
LocationTroutdale, OR
Found By PK
Last Found Jun 14 2012
Hike Distance?

Status: Alive and well
Last reported: 05/27/07
Hitchhiker friendly? Only if fairly flat.
Child friendly? Yes
Wheelchair friendly? Park is, but would need assistance in pulling and replacing the box.
Time: About 15 minutes)

**** New stamp and log book as of March 27, 2007 *****
This box is dedicated to healthy living. The stamp and healthful advice changes every couple of months, so be sure to come back in the future.

To the trailhead:
Depot Park
473 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy, Troutdale, OR 97060

Located off East Columbia River Highway, this 2.25 acre park lies adjacent to the Union Pacific Railroad and Beaver Creek. When the Troutdale Rail Depot, which was rebuilt in 1907 after a fire, was threatened with demolition in 1976 it was purchased by the City from the Union Pacific Railroad for $1. It was relocated onto this site from its original location on the railroad tracks 1-1/2 blocks west. Facilities at the park include the depot, which is now a railroad museum; a parking area; and a picnic spot and viewpoint along Beaver Creek. The Historical Society was given a caboose in 1999 that they placed next to the depot building. There is also a boxcar located on the site.

To the box:
Past three railroad cars (Sometimes two, depending on what's parked where), three places to sit (or so), and two large trees (one is actually a snag) you'll find a downed log (there's actually 3 logs. This one is oldish and biggish and mossy) hiding our box. (Check the downhill side under some bark)

This is a very short hike, good for kids.