Farm Friends Series  LbNA # 6995

OwnerBookworm (WA)    
Placed DateJan 25 2004
LocationEstacada, OR
Planted BySleepy Whippet    
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

This box's status is unknown. This is a box planted by Sleepy Whippet and adopted by Bookworm. The box has not been confirmed missing or active. 4/20/15

***Note of caution. This trail isn't for small children. Several places are only a couple of feet wide and have drop offs. Also lots of climbing under/over and about trees and branches due to the winter storms. It took me about 2 1/2 hours to go the mile and 1/4 that this trail is due to the difficulty of the trail itself. Also of interest is the 1500 ft elevation change in this short hike *****

Directions: These boxes are hidden in Eagle Fern Park.
Take I-205 to exit 12 Clackamas/Estacada and turn right onto Hwy 212/224. Proceed 3.2 miles to the 212/224 junction turn right onto Hwy 224 following signs to Estacada. Go 10.4 miles and turn left onto Wildcat Mountain Rd, you will see signs to Eagle Fern Park. Go 2 miles to Eagle Fern Park Rd. turn right. The park is located 2.3 miles on the right side of the road.

There is a $3 charge per vehicle on weekends and holidays from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Going into the park make an immediate right and find a parking place. The trail head begins on the bridge.

After crossing the swinging bridge go left. Take the trail on the left going under a mossy branch and up the steep stair case. When you pass the boulders at the top of the stairs/stpes go on the trail to the right. From the foot of a large cedar take 33 steps to a low hidden log. Under it at the base of an old tree lies box #1 Baa

Continue on the trail staying left. Just past a sleeping giant on the right side of the trail hidden in the mossy skirts of an old snag lies box #2 Whinny

Just past a large downed tree count the red cedars on your right. At the base of the third one lies box #3 Chirp

Start away from the sound of rushing water and begin a steep switch-backing climb. When you pass through the giant spider legs take the trail right up the log edged stairs. Up & up & through and around alot of remnants of the January 2004 ice storm. When the trail turns left or dead ends right at the large cedar tree turn around and go 10 steps to a wooly snag. On the NW side in some nesting material lies box #4 Cluck

Continue up the trail past the painted trees, stay right, when you step over a cut away log count 26 steps til you are next to a large stump look left for a bark door that hides box #5 Giggles

Continue down the trail. As you are going down the switchbacks look for a nursery log on the right with a knobby-based young adult. At the base of the young adult under some moss lies box #6 Oink

Continue on downhill. When the trail forks stay left, down the stairs. At the bottom take the trail left and follow back around to the swinging bridge to return to the parking area.