Oxbow Series - Adopted  LbNA # 7001

Placed DateJan 26 2004
LocationTroutdale, OR
Found By kiddie troop
Last Found May 24 2008
Hike Distance?

I'm adopting this box because it was pulled from the list, but I was there just a few weeks ago and it's still hail and hearty.

Take I-84 east to Troutdale exit 17. Go past the truck stops until the light. Turn right onto 257th and go 3.5 miles to Division St. Turn left onto Division. Follow the signs for 8 miles and then turn left, downhill into the park. Entrance fee is $4 per vehicle and there are maps of the park available there (Which you'll need). Happy Hunting

Find the ampitheatre and take the trail to the left of it, towards the river. Head down the wooden steps. Now, proceed ahead with a bearing of 320 degrees. Turn right at the trail closest to the river. When you find yourself betwixt the M&M, head 9 paces (Or slightly less if your are way taller than 5' at 170 degrees. Now you should be directly in front of your prize.

This park is also home to the Birds and Bee's series and Riversbend.