Annie's Box  LbNA # 7028 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 3 2004
LocationChico, CA
Found By RetiredHavinFun
Last Found Sep 15 2004
Hike Distance?

You can take the walk, but it seems unsafe to actually retreive the box. I will take this message away as soon as the limb is cleared. The fallen limb exposed a great natural honey bee nest.

10-16-05 Today I braved the pile of limbs to check on the box. My plan was to move it to a safer place. However it is gone!! If you know where it might be please contact me thru this site. Thanks. Hopefully soon there will be an ANNIE'S BOX II.

ORIGINAL CLUES: The tree filled Sacramento Valley town of Chico was founded by John and Annie Bidwell. Annie’s greatest legacy was a gift to the city of 2,238 acres to be used for a park. Dotted with hundreds of magnificent valley oaks and sycamore trees along Chico Creek, Bidwell Park is now the third largest municipal park in the country. The park has miles of hiking trails and bike paths, as well as ball fields, playgrounds, picnic areas, a nature center and a huge swimming pool made from the damming of Chico Creek. It is near this pool at “One-Mile” that your hunt begins. Start at the parking lot north of One-Mile, off of Vallombrosa Ave. Take the dirt trail which is parallel to and just to the left of the paved North Park Drive. Walk along this trail, go under the Highway 99 freeway, cross a paved bike path, always staying on the main dirt trail. You will know you are still on the right path after going under the freeway if you notice this trail is also an exercise course. Although Bidwell Park is filled with huge Valley Oaks, and it is inside one of these oaks that the letterbox lies, the next clue to finding it is a young Redwood tree about 100 feet high. This Redwood tree is on the left side of the trail, just past it take the small trail to your left and walk a short ways till you are about to leave the park through an opening in the fence. At this spot you will be surrounded by 3 giant oaks. At the base of one of these is a small hollow in which the letterbox is hidden.