AAA  LbNA # 70388

Placed DateJul 25 2016
LocationCathedral Ledge State Park, North Conway, NH
Found By Daytrippers54
Last Found May 20 2017
Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedJul 30 2016

Drive to Cathedral Ledge in Echo Lake State Park, located just outside on North Conway Village. According to AAA Tour Book the state park covers 396 acres. Once you pass the gate for the ledge, drive up the 1 mile road to the top, roads ends in a looped parking lot. Follow the signs and the well marked path to the fenced area of Cathedral Ledge. The AAA Tourbook states 'the ledge is 700 feet above the river valley and offers a view of the White Mountains and the Saco River Valley'.

After taking in the spectacular view and perhaps even seeing some people climbing up the ledge, follow the chain linked fence to the right to the end post. Take the path away from the post and go about 60-65 steps. There is no fence once you leave the official viewing area so don't get too close to the edge. Soon you'll come to a flat 20 by 20 foot rock in the trail with 2 trees growing out of the middle of it. With your back to the view of the valley and the trees you will see a large boulder with 2 or 3 vertical erosion cracks in it with a smaller boulder on it set back 4-5 feet. Climb to the top and sit on the smaller boulder. As you sit on the rock the two trees on the flat rock sort of frame Mt Cranmore Ski Area as you look out. Now look to the left of your seat to a small 2 foot stump and a small slanted tree. Under the curve of the tree, under bark and sticks is your AAA stamp in a camo pill container.

As I wrote down the directions I sat on the smaller boulder, you should be able to sit there to stamp in. There is no log book or ink pad in the container. Please use red and blue ink. As always, please rehide better than you found.