The 3 Crown Jewels  LbNA # 70472

Placed DateAug 28 2016
LocationGarlic Creek Park, Buda, TX
Found By screamin meemie
Last Found May 19 2017
Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedAug 28 2016

The 3 Crown Jewels

A series of three letterboxes created in honor of my three girls. They each contributed to the chosen stamp, style and end location of their box. The boxes are Topaz, Ruby and Sapphire – symbolizing their birth stones.

Travel to Garlic Creek Park in Buda, TX (1195 Heep Run) and park in the lot with the pool and playground. Facing the poolhouse building, there is a sidewalk off to the right of the building leading to the woods. Follow that sidewalk into the woods behind the pool. The sidewalk will transition to a gravel trail. Continue on the gravel trail until you see two sawed off tree stumps. The stumps are on the right hand side of the trail about 20 feet from each other and about 3 feet tall. Walk to the farthest stump and stop. Continuing on the trail, count 12 steps. On your right there is a small path. Follow that path for 75 steps until you arrive in a grouping of dead trees. On your left is a broken tree and tall stump. The Topaz letterbox is hidden at the base of the stump, under some branches and bark. Please re-hide well.

Follow the small path back out to the gravel trail. Continue walking on the trail around several bends and turns. At one point, the gravel trail will turn into concrete and then back to gravel. When the trail turns back to gravel, look to your left. There is a set of 3 tall trees growing close to the trail. The Ruby letterbox is located in the center of these three trees under some branches. Please re-hide well.

Continue on the gravel trail until you reach a fork. To the left, the trail will take you up to the playground, to the right is a dirt path leading into the woods. Follow the path on the right into the woods. Continue on the path over all small makeshift bridge. After the bridge, there is a fork in the path. Stay left at the fork. Continue on the path until you see a group of 5 trees growing together on the left side of the path. The Sapphire letterbox is in the center of the 5 trees under some branches. Please re-hide well.

Return out to the gravel trail and follow up toward the playground and back to the parking lot.