Great Outdoors Letterbox Series 2  LbNA # 7062

Placed DateJan 11 2004
CountyVirginia Beach city
LocationVirginia Beach, VA
Found By Eyes
Last Found Jul 5 2007
Hike Distance?

Directions To Little Island Park:

From the Virginia Beach Oceanfront area, take Atlantic Avenue (Route 60) south to the Rudee Inlet Bridge. After crossing this bridge, the road name changes to General Booth Blvd. Continue southward until the intersection with Princess Anne Road (a 7-11 is on the southwest corner). Turn left on PA Road, and then turn left again at the stoplight where Sandbridge Road connects. There is a Food Lion on the corner. Follow Sandbridge Road for 5.3 miles. Turn right on Sandpiper Road and after 3.8 miles, Little Island Park will be on your left. Bring your canoe, kayak, swimsuit, and binocs (for dolphin watching).

Cautions: This is a well-visited park, so be careful retrieving and replacing the box. The box site is highly visible from the parking lot. I recommend that you bring a small plastic bag and pretend to be collecting litter. Find the Dolphin box, put it in the bag and take it back to your car to stamp in. Please try to be inconspicuous and re-hide carefully.

Dolphin Clues:

1.Pass the gazebo at the entrance and park facing the ocean.

2.Find the wooden information kiosk. Between the kiosk and the restroom/changing area a small, low cluster of pines will be seen in the dunes.

3.Walk to the south side of the cluster and look at the base of the trees. The tree closest to the ocean has the Dolphin box about 2 feet south from its base. Carefully look under the pine needles.

The park office is part of the former US Coast Guard Station built in 1925. On March 15, 2001, the Virginia Beach Historical Review Board officially recognized the remaining buildings of the Little Island Coast Guard Station as a place of local historical importance. The complex of buildings is now part of the Virginia Beach Historical Register.