Bloodhound's F-100  LbNA # 7070

Ownermr. bloodhound    
Placed DateFeb 7 2004
LocationWellston, OH
Found By Harris family
Last Found Oct 16 2010
Hike Distance?

Lake Alma State Park
Wellston, Ohio

Bring Ink Pad and Pen.

I was so happy to get to F-100 I carved a stamp and placed a letterbox near my 100th find, which was Bigguy & Cardinal Mom's Winged Wonder.

Directions: To get there, take S.R.#93 north from Wellston and turn onto S.R. #349 just outside of town. S.R. #349 will lead you a couple of miles out past the water plant and across the dam that forms Lake Alma. After you cross the dam, the park loop road turns off to the right past the park office and the swimming beach. Make your way to the Pine Hill shelter house on top of the hill.

Clues: At the southeast corner of the shelter house, take a bearing of 120° and go 14 paces (2 steps = 1 pace) to the edge of the woods. You should see a faint trail in the brush leading to a pair of trees that have been blown over and are lying parallel in a roughly north-south direction. Underneath the downhill trunk near the root bulb you'll find the double 35mm film canister wrapped in cammo tape.