Brownie Troop #7958 and The Whomping Willow  LbNA # 70708

OwnerTroop 7958    
Placed DateOct 29 2016
LocationDayspring Nature Preserve, Allen, TX
Found By Courageous Colts 6655
Last Found May 19 2017
Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedNov 14 2016

Start at Dayspring Nature Preserve in Allen, TX located at 622 Rainforest Lane.

Go to the playground and face the bench by the see saw. Now go right along the path, which turns to gravel.

Now take the right and follow the gravel path. At the end of the path take a right onto a paved path.

When the path splits, stay to the left and go over a bridge.

Continue on this path (there will be apartments on your left).

At the end of the next bridge you will see a red post. Go 120 steps (staying on the Belair loop) until you get to a clearing with seven trees.

Stay on the path and face the seven trees. On the other side of the clearing, directly behind the seven trees is a large tree that looks like the Whomping Willow tree from Harry Potter.

At the base of the tree is a cinder block. Look underneath the block for our letterbox.