Debbie's Birthday Treats (2)  LbNA # 70798

Placed DateDec 10 2016
Location1301 Johnson Ferry Rd NE, Marietta, GA, Marietta, GA
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Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedDec 15 2016

Debbie's Birthday Treats (2)

Debbie’s Birthday Treats

This is an urban walk with one outdoor and one indoor stop. Please be careful when navigating parking lots!

(1) Debbie likes the movies but she loves popcorn! Help Debbie celebrate her birthday by finding a delicious treat. Park at the Merchants Walk Cinema 12. Walk to the back edge of the parking lot – it is surrounded by a fence. Our friend Debbie’s favorite color is green. Find the only tree that always stays her favorite color. At the base of that tree, on the back side, you will find Debbie’s favorite treat.

(2) Leave your car and let’s see where this takes you… To get you started in the right direction, look down the ROAD and RUN, don’t walk towards a SPORTy store. When you are getting close to this store you will pass between two stores. M’s is on the right. Stay on M’s side of the street and keep going! You are now headed towards a store with a color in its name. Much like our friend Debbie, this store is not young! When you get there, stand with your back to the “not young - color” store. Look about 55 degrees to your right and see a little island oasis – a building with only 5 stores. That’s where you are headed next.

After all that walking, Debbie is feeling snacky! Where does she want a snack from? To find out, figure out which store has a name that is the 20th letter when counting backwards from the end of the alphabet. Twice. Walk in the store. Take 3 paces forward and turn 90 degrees to the left to read about how to eat healthy. Hidden below the sign you will find what you seek. Please be respectful of other customers. Happy birthday Deb!