The Playground Series  LbNA # 7103 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 8 2004
CountyLos Angeles
LocationPasadena, CA
Found By Piper Paws
Last Found Jan 28 2007
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The Playground Series

7-year-old Claire is hoping to turn you all on to her favorite parks.

She's starting with:

#1 The Rose

Singer Park, Pasadena.
Find it on the corner of California and St. John.

We used to call this the yellow park, until they removed all the slides and replaced them with new equipment in green and blue! They also put up canopies, so you wont burn your butt going down the slide on a hot day.

When the roses are bloom, we like to play Alice in Wonderland.

Look for the tallest tree with in the park fences. The box is about 6 feet up, nestled on the east side of that tree.

#2 Garfi-saur

Garfield Park, on Mission Street between Stratford and Park Avenues.

At the north end of the park, you'll find tennis courts. Stand at the southwest corner of the courts, and follow the fence 1, 2 poles. Look down and dig under the rocks!

#3 Squirl-ambra

Just Replaced!!

This is a great park, with huge playgrounds for big and little kids. In the summer the pool is open (although they do not allow splashing…go figure). There is also an amphitheater with concerts in the summer, and a lot of pathway, perfect for little bikers, skaters and scooters. There are also HUGE squirrels!

You’ll find the park between Alhambra Road, West Cedar Street, N Palm Ave and N Raymond Ave.

Go to the band shell. Big sister Emma had her dance recital here at age 4. She was Tinker Bell. Sit in the front row, and imagine little dancers. Now look to the right of the stage. The box is hidden in the first bunch of agapanthus bulbs. Please be discreet. We already lost this one once!!

#4 Play Tennis!

(Bring the bikes)

At Via Marisol and The 110 Pasadena Freeway you’ll find the Arroyo Seco Park. This is a great place to play tennis. There are 10 or 12 courts, and one is always free. There is also a backboard! Pull into the parking lot, drive past the courts until you reach the bridge of Ave. 60. Park your car here, and then pass under the bridge on foot. Follow the path as it turns left and heads down into the river.

Here is a fun and easy path to ride bikes! Perfect for kids just learning, because there are no cars! It follows the freeway, going north to the next park, at York St, and south all the way past Ave 52, and up into another park. (On foot you can actually follow the river and adjacent paths north to the Rose Bowl and beyond - Devils Gate, JPL and the Upper Arroyo Seco. We have yet to travel as far as we can go southward). Ranger and the other doggies in town like to run free in this channel, because it is safe from traffic…(unless a 110 accident has put another hole in the fence.)

Follow the river path south, and stand under the Ave 60 bridge. Climb up the cement embankment to the north side of the bridge. Start counting poles in the chain-link fence that runs north from the bridge. At the base of pole #6 you’ll find a large piece of bark and some rocks. The box is buried here! Please be discreet!