The Resting Bunny  LbNA # 7105

Ownerthe Dawg Pound      
Placed DateJan 31 2004
LocationFlorence, SC
Found ByMickeyMouse (Attempted)
Last UpdateApr 17 2010


Originally planted by Teresa and adopted in October 2007 by Dawg Pound.

This box needs some help. The logbooks are soaked and needs to be replaced. If anyone can help before I get there, I will be glad to send you a replacement in the email or whatever you want.

Go South on l-95, across the Great Pee Dee, turn right and park your car after Mile Marker #172.
Go to the right behind the Menís, over the place where a troll might live. Go east to the oak tree on the right, 38 paces to a tall pine. Look on the south side under itís protective coat. There you will find the resting bunny. Please make sure no one is looking while you stamp and return the box to its original location.