A Mournful Path  LbNA # 71171

OwnerCreeping Death    
Placed DateMar 29 2017
CountyOther International
LocationCook Islands, COOK ISLANDS, INT
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Last EditedApr 30 2017

Heavy Metal music series
Death Metal band from Australia

Papua Stream
The cross island walk, actually trek
This is not an easy walk through the park
Trek takes from 3 to 4 hours to complete
We did this on our own no guide needed
for beginner or experienced hikers
Bring good hiking shoes do to slippery conditions
Bring paper towels for drying
and water for yourself and bread for the roosters

North to south hike route
After passing needle
About another hour hike
Reaching river
Two huge boulders on left the size of VW busses
In between these two
Left side small tree grows
Under SPOR big baggy with 5x7 inch book
If you pass another huge boulder on the right the size of a city bus
with a small cave underneath, you went to far, walk back 30 feet
Rehide with baggy facing down
Prevents water from getting in