Faded Serena  LbNA # 71174

OwnerCreeping Death    
Placed DateMar 31 2017
CountyOther International
LocationCook Islands, COOK ISLANDS, INT
Found By
Last Found
Hike Distance.1 mi
Last EditedApr 30 2017

Heavy Metal music series
band from Turkey

To reach this box you must either take a boat tour and join the BBQ lunch on the island,
canoe it, snorkel, walk over on low tide, or take a short swim over like I did.
I quadruple bagged the box so it wouldn't get wet.
While swimming over and trying to keep the baggy above water I almost felt like I
was about to drown. The current was strong and kept pulling me north away from the small island.
It was easier getting back on the main beach without having to deal with the baggy box.

Hopefully this box will last many years hidden here. The 8 boxes I hid around the island are
the first boxes hidden on the island. Not too many Americans vacation on Cook because it costs twice
as much to get here compared to Hawaii, Americans favorite island. These boxes should last because they
are well hidden and in spots I don't think any muggles will bother to disrupt.

Muri Beach Club hotel
Koromiri island
Face BBQ area with beach behind you
Walk right on beach over coral rocks
Large fallen tree
30 Feet before reaching fallen tree
Pine tree to your left
Foot high behind pine tree
Small alcove in tree
Bone shaped coral under pine needles
The mermaid sleeps while she waits for a visitor