Nebraska State Insect: Honeybee  LbNA # 71202

Placed DateApr 19 2017
LocationPioneers Park Nature Center, 3201 S Coddington Ave, Lincoln, NE
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Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedApr 19 2017

Honeybees are amazing creatures, and we owe a lot to them. Bees are responsible for 80% of pollination, so without them, we wouldn't have nearly as many fruits and vegetables! They are also great at working together. The average honeybee only produces 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in it's lifetime. To make a pound of honey, you'd need 556 worker bees and 2 million flowers. Did you know that all worker bees are female, and are all daughters of the queen bee? Nebraska couldn't have a better state insect.

Note: The gates open at 8am and close at 5pm. Be sure to wear bug spray and sunscreen in the summer, and be sure to watch out for poison ivy and check yourself for ticks when you get home.

Clue: Start at the parking lot of the Nature Center/Prairie Building. Cross the bridge and the road and continue through the gates. Keep walking straight until you get to the Chet Ager building, (if it's open, you can stop inside and see real honeybees- if you're setting out in the spring or summer- plus turtles, snakes, owls, and other amazing animals) and are facing the area where only the birds may go. Turn left. When you get to an intersection of trails, turn right before you get to the Eastern Cottonwood. At the sign, turn left onto the Fleming Woods path. A fallen log on your right (6-10 yards before the next fork in the trail) is where you'll find this busy bee. Look for a niche on the side of the log that's facing the fork in the path. Pioneers park can be a busy place, especially on weekends, so be sure to be discreet and put the box back better than you found it. There's room for a smallish hitchhiker.

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