Aloha  LbNA # 71207

Placed DateJun 28 2017
CountyLos Angeles
LocationStough Canyon Nature Center, Burbank, CA
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Last EditedApr 20 2017

A flower escaped from our Hawaiian Lei. It has hidden itself away here near the Nature Center.

After you find a parking space, make your way to the large wooden bridge that connects to the Nature Center.

Don't go onto the bridge. Turn right and walk until you find a small path, with steps going down. Take the stairs.

At the bottom, turn right and follow the path until you reach the bottom, where the path ends.

You will see 14 large boulders. Go stand on the biggest, whitest one.

Look toward the mountains. Then look lower.

When you find a pile of joyful stone you can uncover the Hawaiian bloom.

Replace the rocks carefully, you can add a few of your own.