Echo Location  LbNA # 71281

OwnerBrownie Troop 86215    
Placed DateMay 7 2017
LocationEcho Reservation, Ipswich, MA
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Hike Distance1-2 mi
Last EditedMay 11 2017

Welcome to the “Echo Location” Letterbox search!
Echo Reservation, Essex County Greenbelt, Ipswich MA

Bring your own ink pad and pen

Time: approximately 30-45 minutes

Terrain: The trail is wide and easy for hiking. Good for families with small children.

Directions: From the intersection of Route 1 and Linebrook Road in Ipswich go west on Linebrook Road. Trailhead and parking are approximately 1.0 ahead on the left.

Letterbox 1 – WHALE
Start the trail at the small parking lot off outer Linebrook Road. After you pass the backyards of 2 neighboring houses on Linebrook road, the trail will go up a small hill and then curves back down to the left quickly. Approximately 80 steps from the base of the hill (this section of the trail curves like an ‘S’) look for a skinny, splintery, dead tree on your right. Just after the splintery tree is a Greenbelt trail marker also on the right. Take approximately 28 more steps and look to your left. You will see the remains of a tree which appears to have broken in half in a storm. The top half on the ground is a long log with lots of straggly branches. Carefully look in the broken end of the log near the trail for the WHALE letterbox. The letterbox is hidden in the log hidden behind leaves and bark. Please take care and return the letterbox as you found it.

Letterbox 2 – DOLPHIN
Good job finding our first of 2 Echo Location letterboxes! Now continue along the trail past 2 ponds/wetland areas on your left. After you pass the 2nd wetland, the trail will start to turn to the left and you will get a glimpse of a rock wall on your right. Look up ahead on the left-hand side of the trail for a huge pine tree shaped like a cactus (If you get to the stone wall you will have passed it and will have to back track). The trunk of the pine tree is so wide it took 3 Brownies hand to hand to measure the base! The DOLPHIN letterbox is hidden on the ground in a small pile of logs at the base of the tree under large pieces of fallen tree bark. There is a large thick branch with no bark which resembles a mammoth tusk above this area. Please take care and return the letterbox as you found it.
The trail continues through the stone wall and as you near the end you will pass a field where you might spot a horse grazing.

We hope you enjoyed our Echo Location Letterbox Search!
Thank you! Ipswich Brownie Troop 86215