Highlawn Forest - Discovery Loop Letterbox  LbNA # 71285 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerCT Forest & Park Assoc    
Placed DateAug 15 2016
LocationHighlawn Forest, Middlefield, CT
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Last Found
Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedMay 11 2017

Welcome to Highlawn Forest!
So much to discover about the forest where this letterbox is hidden.
Interpretive signs are planted to guide you along the trail.

Start at the parking lot. Follow the blue trail to the second kiosk. Stop there to learn about reading blazes.

Continue to the intersection just past this kiosk. Take a left on the blue/yellow trail to the amphitheater. Enjoy some time with our Poet-Tree.

Go back to the intersection. Straight ahead is the blue/red trail, the Discovery Loop. Follow this trail and stop at the interactive signs to learn more about our forest.

At Forest City, explore the many layers of Highlawn Forest.

Next, get to know our Terrific Trees.

What can you find in Life in the Leaf Litter?

Be sure to visit our Tree Factory.

Now itís time to listen to the Sounds Around our hidden letterbox.
What do you hear? If it is Spring, you are probably hearing birds singing. Are they in the trees? On the ground? Do you see a nest?

If you stand directly in front of this sign, you will see a large white oak tree to your left. About 3 or 4 paces will get you behind this tree to the rocks where our letterbox is hidden.

Continue on the blue/red trail.

Donít get stumped at Iím Stumped!

Watch for Wildlife at the next sign.

Almost finished! When you get to the intersection of the blue trail, turn right and follow the blue trail to discover the Wonder of Wetlands. Be sure to check out the observation platform before you head out.

You can now head back to the parking lot on the blue trail or continue to enjoy the trails of Highlawn Forest.