Mother's Day Letterbox  LbNA # 71309

OwnerLittle Red Rhode Island    
Placed DateMay 13 2017
Location10 silk lane, North Scituate, R.I., Scituate, RI
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Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedMay 13 2017

As you wake up on this Mother’s Day, remember how much your daughter (or son, or whatever gender they identify as because there’s like a hundred nowadays) loves you.

Now that you’ve given your child (or animal, or whatever they identify as) a hug and a kiss, read on:

If you are the owner of the house at 10 Silk Lane, then step out onto the porch, if you are not then just start in front of the house.

Take a right and walk to the barber shop. Take a left and walk to the gas station.
Oh yes, you are going to get your steps in on this hunt ;)  

Cautiously cross the street to the St. Joseph’s Church’s side of the road. Now cross the street to the Coldbrook Cafe.

Go in, order a muffin or a sandwich or whatever floats your boat and have a nice sit down :)

After you’ve tipped the waiter and finished your food or beverage (without spilling anything on yourself) exit the cafe through the front door.

Cross the street to the side directly across from the front door.

Now walk to the gazebo and take a picture ! Make a nice memory :)

Ready to continue? As you stand on the gazebo you will see many things like a basketball court, an elementary school, a library, a church, and a community house next to the church. Walk towards the community house.

If you’re scared of dead people then stop this now and go home, but if you’re not then enter the cemetery.

If you are the owner of the house on Silk Lane, you have the option to get some more steps in on your Fitbit by walking around the whole cemetery before reading on. But if you’re not, then read on.

Look for the section of the cemetery (with ice cream ;) -a reference towards the owner) that has metal bars around a big maple tree.

Now search for the black VCR tape box within the bars and leave your mark! :)

Happy Mother’s Day!!!