Puffin Watch  LbNA # 71317

OwnerSV Odyssey    
Placed DateMay 1 2017
LocationSaddlebag Island Park, Anacortes, WA
Found By
Last Found
Hike Distance.1 mi
Last EditedMay 15 2017

This box is on a beautiful little island and only accessible by water. It is a short boat ride or kayak trip from Anacortes, with beautiful primitive camping sites, an out house and about a mile of hiking trails. Very beautiful, and rarely occupied.

To hunt for Puffin Watch, come ashore at the east beach on Saddlebag Island. At the far north end of the beach you will find a set of steep stairs. Climb the stairs and find a picnic/camp site there. Look to the north (right) and find a second campsite. From there, spot a gnarled tree like no other around. In it's hollow base, beneath some rocks you will find your treasure!

Enjoy hiking the island when you are done. This was our first anchorage on our new sail boat, and saw puffins, dolphins and eagles here, we hope you will too.