Peacock Patrol  LbNA # 71320

Placed DateMay 13 2017
LocationWasserman Park 116 Naticook Rd Merrimack, NH, Merrimack, NH
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Last EditedMay 16 2017

Merrimack Girl Scout troop 13912 welcomes you to our letterbox hunt! Start at the entrance of Quarry trail, located in the resident parking area at the back. Start your hunt! Follow the trail past a boulder playing peekaboo behind a tree. A little further along you'll find a fork in the road, stay left to follow the trail. You are on the right path if you find a well loved fallen log and puzzle rock mountain. Continue on to see a vernal pool on your right as you climb a small rocky hill. Pass under some trees that could be a bridge. Further along look for a tree to your left with rock roots that would make a good home. Keep going you are nearly there! You should come to a fork in the road, stay straight on the trail. Next you should find a root and rocky staircase. Go a little ways and keep your eyes open slightly off trail to your left, look for a grey, cold cave like home low to the ground. Make sure you look before poking your hand in! If you have made it to Naticook rd you have gone too far, try again!