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Kempsville Chief  LbNA # 71608

OwnerThe Ziegler Clan    
Placed DateJul 6 2017
CountyVirginia Beach city
Location5194 Chief Trail, Virginia Beach, VA
Found By adventurebabe
Last Found Aug 2 2017
Hike Distance.1 mi
Last EditedJul 6 2017

Kempsville Chief

The current building of Kempsville High School was first opened in 1966. The name of the street that Kempsville High sits on was changed to Chief Trail in 1994 after a petition was passed around by the Class of 1994.

Clue: At Kempsville High School's, find the main entrance to the school. Look left. Walk down the sidewalk towards the cafeteria doors. You will see two tree/bush beds. Locate the tree/bush bed closet to the cafeteria. Find the four trunk tree and look around it's base. In the ivy is what you seek.