Salem Sundevil  LbNA # 71609

OwnerThe Ziegler Clan    
Placed DateJul 6 2017
CountyVirginia Beach city
Location1993 Sundevil Drive, Virginia Beach, VA
Found By adventurebabe
Last Found Aug 2 2017
Hike Distance.1 mi
Last EditedJul 6 2017

Salem Sundevil

Salem High School was founded in 1989. My oldest daughter graduated from here in 1999.

Clue: Find Salem High School and drive down Sundevil Drive towards the back of the school. Find the area with an outdoor classroom and gardens. Look at the larger trees and find the one with a sad face. While looking at it face to face, look to it's right and see a small green and yellow bush. Inside bush is what you seek.