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LMS Girl Scout Letterboxes (2)  LbNA # 71615

OwnerFlying Pig    
Placed DateJul 6 2017
LocationCapen Hill Nature Sanctuary, Charlton, MA
Found By March Mist
Last Found Aug 20 2017
Hike Distance?
Last EditedJul 8 2017

The Girls Scouts of Leicester Memorial School hope you enjoy searching for these boxes! Leave us a note in the box - we can't wait to see who visited!

Park near the visitors center at Capen Hill and walk down the Woodland Walk Loop.

Letterbox 1 (LMS Letterbox)

Take the Woodland Walk loop to the Indian Pipe Path.
From this junction, take 12 steps back.
Find a pine tree with an arch at the base,
Underneath this arch, you'll find the LMS case.

Continue your walk on the Indian Pipe Path for a bit then turn right onto Mountain Laurel Path.

Letterbox 2 (GS/Wow Letterbox)

At a curve in the path you'll see a stonewall,
a big tree to one side of it all.
At the end of the wall beneath some sticks,
the letterbox sits among some stone bricks.

Continue on the Mountain Laurel Path back to the visitors center (the path is a left at the junction with 2 other paths).

Have fun!