Historical Supper Club Series  LbNA # 71616

OwnerSea Buddha and Me    
Placed DateJul 6 2017
LocationMuscoda, WI
Found By Oak Nut
Last Found Sep 12 2017
Hike Distance?
Last EditedJul 8 2017

This series was carved and placed in honor of a friends father who owned and operated these historical Supper Clubs located in the placed area.
In 1969 brothers, Jerry and Jake Linscheid along with their brother in law Gene Morgan, opened the Blackhawk Supper Club in Muscoda Wi. It was a family affair, their mother, aunt, sisters, wives and children all helped out to make it one of the most successful Supper Clubs of the time. To find box number one you will start in the small town of Muscoda. Look for the Little Free Library in front of the Muscoda Area Veterans Memorial. Find yourself a free book and head into the memorial. Have a seat with Joe Rut. Rested up yet? Walk past the war of 1812 to the backside of the memorial. Starting at the center of Korea, walk through the grassy field until you get to 2nd street. You are in Riverside park. Walk past the childrens play area and pavilion. you will come to another road, take it left and walk on water street. You will walk past the DNR loaner vest station. Walk down the sloped roadway that leads to the river. See the rocks, cement chunks and slabs to your right? Look for the one located closest to the hill that looks like a step. Have a seat on it and look under the reverse stair slab in front of you. You have found box 1..Blackhawk Supper Club. Please rehide well.
In 1975 the Blackhawk Supper Club expanded down river, to Boscobel Wi. The Manhattan Club was seated along the shoreline of the Wisconsin River. More delicious food, along with spectacular views. To locate box 2- Manhattan Club you will need to head across the street from box 1 on River Road to the Wisconsin River Access Park. Drive around the circle drive and find a spot to park. You will notice the circle splits off, leaving 2 trees alone in their own circle. Head over to the larger of the two circles filled with trees and look for the tree in this circle closest to the drive and drive entrance. Look behind this tree for box 2. Rehide well and take a peek at the river views.
In 1989 Jerry and Jan Linscheid opened "Peaches", their third Supper Club venture, located along Highway 14, outside of Richland Center, Wi. How Sweet It is!! To find box 3 you will need to head out of town, crossing the bridge that crosses the Wisconsin River. Take the drive to your left, located before the 60/80 intersection. Walk down the footpath next to the bridge. Go underneath the bridge and look up behind the first truss and column. The box is tucked away behind this column. To access you will need to hop up and reach behind. We apologize for this location but with such a detailed carve, we needed a really stealthy place to hide. We hope you enjoyed this series!