MEOWMAN  LbNA # 71617

Placed DateJul 4 2017
LocationNevers park, Nevers road, south windsor, CT
Found By Inkfamous
Last Found Aug 24 2017
Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedJul 8 2017

From child's playground parking lot, head straight to 2nd Baseball field on your right hand side.
Go straight until you see a yellow tall pole on your left side of fence at field. From pole, walk about 18 steps to the trail on your right side.
Follow trail past the balance beam exercise obstacle and stretching post on your right hand side.
Take about 45 steps past the stretching post.
Where there is a 2-sister tree on left, take about 20 steps to your right where there is a rock formation.
You will find the Meowman Box buried under leaves in the rock formation! Use the stamp included to spell out MEOWMAN!!!

Have fun,
Mr. Meowman