state quarter series: new hampshire  LbNA # 71620

Placed DateJul 8 2017
Locationhillsboro, NH
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Last EditedJul 8 2017

first off my apologies to cw sunseeker. i have had this entirely to long and should have planted it years ago! actually i did have it planted at one time and then life happened before i could post the clues. in the meantime the trail it was planted on disappeared to logging. thanks to team jc for helping me locate the lost hiding place and checking the clues for the new one.

now on to the clues.

from main street in hillsboro turn onto bible hill road. a little ways after the road turns to dirt you will see a small parking spot for one car. in front of this spot is the fox forest molly j. swamp trail. in case you can't figure it out this is where you are going. if you drive to the intersection of jones road you will know you have gone to far.

after parking your ride head down the yellow trail. the trail is rustic and like the sign says it is a swamp trail. swamp equal mosquitoes so you might want to bring some spray. anyway, keep going until you reach the T for ridge trail. go left. follow this to the barrel owl trail. stay straight. look on your left and you will see a stone wall. go down this wall about 7 steps to just before the downed birch. look in the crack slightly to the left of the pointed rock.

when replacing be careful not to push it through the crack and cover well.