Worldwide Maine - Poland  LbNA # 71632

Placed DateApr 27 2005
LocationPoland, ME
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Last EditedJul 13 2017

Note: Box recently found and pulled for repairs.

Spelled backwards, the capital of this country "used to be uncooked;" forwards it is a "battle observed."

Find the (R.P.) state park within the borders of this town. Start at the bath house close to the shore of the pond. Go out towards the handicapped spaces, through the parking lot, taking a right on the road that goes back toward the park entrance. Pass another parking lot turnoff on your right. Look for a trail on the left before the 25 mph speed limit sign (~90 paces from the parking lot where you turned). Proceed along the trail until you reach the "stop ahead" sign. With your back to the sign, take about 40 paces at a heading of ~235° to an uprooted and downed tree resting directly on another downed tree. Walk around to the other side of the tree. The box is hidden under the trees about 4 feet from the roots.