Blue Heron Nature Preserve trailblazers series  LbNA # 71633

OwnerBHNP series    
Placed DateJul 3 2017
Location4055 Roswell rd, Atlanta, GA
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Last EditedJul 13 2017

These Letterboxes and their clues were planned out and created by the incredible, smart, and adventurous Trailblazer campers of Blue Heron Nature Preserve!

Letterbox #1
Begin your search at the entrance to the Woodland Trail. The trailhead is located at the back of the parking lot under the archway. Enjoy your walk through the beautiful trees in this urban park. The trail will come to a 3 way split. On the left, it leads towards a painted wall and a sandy walk. By keeping right you will stay on the mulched trail and keep toward your destination. Cross the wooden bridge and continue up a small incline. At the top will be a view of Nancy Creek and a wooden overlook. Your first Letterbox can be found around the overlook.

Letterbox #2
Starting at the first letterbox with your back to the creek, continue on the trail to the left. This is a flatter section and ends at Rickenbacker Dr. Turn left onto the street and cross the bridge. The trail picks back up on this side and follows the creek parallel to where you were. Continue on this trail until you get to a 3 way trail intersection. Follow the human made structure. This will lead you through a pavilion and out towards a grassy meadow. Spy the Blue Heron with wings held wide! Your second box can be found in the grass beneath.

Letterbox #3
Get back on the trail by retracing your steps through the pavilion and across the boardwalk. Turn right at the trail. You will pass a beekeeping station. Take a moment to stop and learn about these incredible creatures! The trail lets out onto the sidewalk of Roswell Rd. So use caution! Turn left to cross the creek and the next left to go back towards the Blue Heron parking lot. At the back of the lot is someone made of unwanted objects with a big smile and arms open wide! Take a moment to notice all the things that make up this creative creature! Your final treasure is hidden nearby!