Fox's Trail  LbNA # 71635

Placed DateJul 15 2017
LocationBrunswick Ave., Moosup, CT
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found Sep 20 2017
Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedJul 15 2017

Fox's Trail

Starting from I395 North or South bound take exit 32 for Moosup, CT.

At bottom of exit ramp take a left and travel 0.9 miles to first intersection.

Turn left at the intersection onto Main St.

Travel 0.5 miles and stay to the right at next stop sign.

Continue traveling 1.0 miles and take a right onto Goshen Rd.

0.2 miles down Goshen Rd. There will be an unmarked road to your right. It is a dead end that turns into a foot bridge. This is Brunswick Ave.

At end of road park behind red brick building to your right. You will see a fenced in area, a concrete foundation, a closed gate and a gravel trail headed up a small hill.

Take the gravel trail that parallels the river and the old railway bed.

Walk this trail 0.27 miles approx 15 minutes and cross the small stream in the middle of the railway bed. Be sure to keep a sharp eye out for quartz crystals, quartz rocks, yellow mica and mica rocks! The entire trail is littered with these stones. The constant travel of off road vehicles turns up new specimens almost daily.

After walking another 0.20 miles (0.48 miles total from trail head) take the trail to your right, up the hill. This hill has the greatest concentration of mica with many rocks simply glimmering and sparkling out of the dirt.

When you have reached the top of the hill turn to your left. Approximately 12 paces down the hill there will be a pile of rocks roughly 4 ft to the right of some pine trees. What you seek lies hidden beneath these rocks!

Be sure to re hide the box well for the next adventurers!

Total walking distance is 1.04 miles round trip approximately a 50 minute walk.