The Beaver Tale  LbNA # 71636

Placed DateJul 15 2017
LocationDiamond Hill Park, Cumberland, RI
Found By Betsy @ The Summit
Last Found Aug 8 2017
Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedJul 15 2017

There are lots of families that visit Diamond Hill Park all year road. Picnics, concerts, children events, festivals, hiking and sledding. The list goes on. We all come and go. But there's one family who has been making the park their home for about 4 years now. Beavers! They have turned the Warner trail into their home, knocking down trees and building themselves lodges in the water beside it. Make sure you keep your eyes out for their lodges in the water and the pointed stumps they've created along the path. Sometimes you can spot them swimming in the water, or hear the echoing of their tails slapping against the water when they spot you.

Directions: From 295 (N or S) take exit 11. Head North on Diamond Hill Road (114). Go about 3 miles and the entrance to the park will be on your right.

Clues: Enter the park and head toward your right. You should see a line of tall pine trees with a marker on the first tree for the Warner trail. Follow the pine trees to the end and enter the Warner Trail to your right. (Either the first dirt trail or the second gravel trail-both lead to the same place). Follow the orange markers. The gravel trail will circle around but follow the orange markers into the woods on the dirt path. Continue following this trail until you come to a twin oak in the middle of the path. It will have an orange blaze on the back of it. Look to your left and walk into the woods approximately 40 feet to another twin oak with a large hollowed out are at its base. To the right of this tree you will find a rock slab on the ground. Move some rocks and you will find what it is you are looking for! Please make sure you place everything back the way it was. Enjoy the rest of your hike.

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