Jax, the best pet a family could have  LbNA # 71641

OwnerMILK! BACON!    
Placed DateJul 14 2017
Locationzoo, Milwaukee, WI
Found By TJ_Mich
Last Found Aug 12 2017
Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedJul 15 2017

Every once in a while a very special pet will join a family, and that happened for our family when we adopted Jax. He was certainly one of a kind, and we miss him dearly. Join us as we walk around the Milwaukee County zoo and remember him. (This is a fee area)

Start at the main entrance and walk forward until you see the first animal who eats a food that was a favorite of Jax. Open a tuna can, and Jax would come running from anywhere in the house to lick it clean for you.

Head north and if you have time visit the building of flying animals that always provided Jax with plenty of entertainment from his window seats. He never would catch any, but he always pretended he could.

Keep following the main road into the zoo toward another building where more of Jax’s favorite food lives. Many of these aquatic animals are much larger than he ever was, but he would enjoy their smaller cousins if prepared for him in a bowl on the kitchen floor.

Just past this building turn south/ turn left and follow the road over the railroad tracks. Veer west toward the lagoon and visit the seals and polar bears. Wow, Jax, there are lots of animals here that share your favorite treats, here at the zoo. Keep following the turn and walk toward the giraffes turning left again and walking north past the pachyderms’ walkway into the final building where Jax’s relatives live.

Enter the building; go past bathrooms and enjoy watching these beautiful, massive relatives of Jax. When you’re ready to go, leave out the east exit. (If you pass several rows of benches and a video screen, that’s the wrong direction.). Follow the path to the main road and turn right. Go past the hydrant, 2nd light pole, then look for a tree that is curved like a cat tail. Walk 10 steps back behind it until you see an enormous oak tree. Look here at the bottom of the trunk to find your stamp. Look carefully as it can often be crowded and isn’t too far off the beaten track.

Thanks for remembering our cat with us; he was the best cat a family could hope for.