Loudoun Mini  LbNA # 71644

OwnerHappy Quilter    
Placed DateJul 15 2017
LocationAppalachian Trail, Bluemont, VA
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Hike Distance2-3 mi
Last EditedJul 16 2017

Loudoun Mini

Hiking the Appalachia Trail is wonderful in all seasons...and it is peppered with letterboxes. We chose the harder part of the trail just north of Route 7!
At the intersection of Pine Grove Road you will find a kiosk just off 7 with stairs behind it. Be sure to bring water. A walking stick is recommended for balance.
Park where you can! Head up the stairs and go up and over the hill. You will hike about a mile until you come to two switchbacks. At the bottom you will find a wonderful overlook. You can see into West Virginia and beyond! Find the westernmost tall boulder.At 190 degrees there are two side by side boulders. Beneath one is your prize