Finding Cornelius  LbNA # 71646

OwnerChester Creek Trail    
Placed DateJul 16 2017
LocationChester Creek Trail, Media, PA
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Hike Distance3-5 mi
Last EditedJul 16 2017

For this adventure you will be playing the role of Ted. To see what Ted looks like you will need to find the first box. Begin by parking at Knowlton Road (near Linvilla Orchards). From the parking lot turn left on the Chester Creek Trail toward the tunnel at mile marker 3.3.

The first box can be found off the paved trail by following the Starch Mill trail between markers 3.0 and 2.9 to the right of the paved trail. Follow the Starch Mill trail past the stone wall and up the hill to a large open area. Turn left to find a tree that is labeled with signs for the Starch Mill Trail and Linvill Trail. Behind the tree and to the right is a cluster of fallen limbs. Step behind the right end of the big limb to find a pile of small limbs. The first box is under this pile. Enjoy the first box of your adventure.

Now the adventure really begins. You see, it has been over a week since you have seen your best friend in the world, Cornelius. Normally, you talk to him every day. It's time to take action. First, you need to post signs to find Cornelius.

To see what the signs will look like, proceed to the the second box. To find the second box you need to go back down the Starch Mill trail to the Chester Creek trail and turn right back in the direction you were going before the Starch Mill side trip.

The second box can be found almost directly across from mile marker 2.2 (just a little ahead, actually) again behind the far end of a fallen limb. Look for a narrow tree that is growing straight up and has no bark at the base. Again, look for the box tucked under the back side of the log covered by small branches and rocks.

Hanging signs is great but remember, this is Corny, your best buddy in the whole world. You have to do everything you can to find him yourself. Luckily, you are Ted, the super genius, and with just a few household items you can build the perfect tool for finding Cornelius.

The third box can be found at the end of the bridge over Chester Creek and Pennell Road. Go to the end of the rail on your right and behind the last post to find the box just under some of the rocks.

Yes, now you are ready to find Cornelius. It won't be long now until you, Ted, are reunited your best buddy and save the day. Time for the fourth and final box. At mile marker 1.3 you will see the trail bend to the left with rocks and water on the left side of the curve. The fourth box is in the rocks to the left. Step down one level on the rocks at a point directly across from the middle of the 3rd and 4th posts on the wooden rail on the other side of the trail. After stepping down turn around and look under the top level of rocks to find your box and your friend.

You did it! Congratulations on completing the quest!