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Father Marquette Visits Iowa  LbNA # 71648

Placed DateJul 16 2017
LocationMarquette, IA
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Hike Distance.1 mi
Last EditedJul 16 2017

Father Marquette returned to the area where he and Joliet had reached the Mississippi River, so many centuries ago.

"They've named this bridge after Lou and I! What an honor!" he marveled as he crossed over to the western end. "And even this entire town! It seemed like North McGregor was perfectly adequate. They didn't need to go to all that trouble."

He soon reached a welcoming-looking station. Here, he learned of the railroad's significance to this small community.

"I'm certainly glad I chose this place for my visit," he thought as he strolled past the southwest corner of the caboose, counted to the fifth wooden railroad tie, and checked just to the right of it, inside, underneath the rail.

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