GISHWHES - Team Illusive Yetis  LbNA # 72027

Placed DateAug 7 2017
Location7450 14 Mile Rd NE, Rockford, MI
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Hike Distance.1 mi
Last EditedAug 12 2017

GISHWHES - Team Illusive Yetis

You've arrived at the Courtland Township office. You'll see a cute little free library in front but you need to park in back. After you've parked in back you'll see a small playground and pavilion. Suddenly, you notice a paved path on the right of the pavilion. Start heading down the path and you realize there's a lot of places a yeti could be hiding. Although the weather is unpredictable in Michigan, our winters are cold and would be the perfect conditions for any yetis. As the path begins to curve, you see a small bench that looks comfy. Take a seat next to the armrest closest to the parking lot (north side). As you relax on the comfy bench, you begin to wonder if a yeti will pop out and scare you at any moment. Suddenly, you see a two-trunker tree in the brush in front of you. It's a pondering tree and you'll find a yeti behind it.