GISHWHES Magishans by the Obelisk  LbNA # 72036

OwnerGISHWHES Magishans    
Placed DateAug 12 2017
CountyNew York
LocationCentral Park, New York, NY
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Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedAug 12 2017

Enter Central Park just north of E 79th St. (On the left of Met)
Follow the path to the Obelisk.
You are looking for the stairs on the west side of the Obelisk. (When you look up the stairs you will see the Obelisk and the Met behind it.)

As you walk south from the stairs (downtown) you will find just several yards away a lamppost with a green Central Park Conservancy Obelisk audio stop (#26). (The lamppost with the green sign has numbers stamped onto the east side of it about 6 ft off the ground. They are hard to see but they read 8026.)

Between the stairs at the lamppost described above is a large tree very close to the west side of the path. At the base of the tree in a large nook, covered with some leaves is a plastic screw top container with ink pad and recording book and some home made stamps!

Please return and cover.