Babe the Blue Ox  LbNA # 72037

Owner2 Small Gardners    
Placed DateAug 12 2017
LocationRiverbank Park, Oscoda, MI
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Last EditedAug 12 2017

Babe the Blue Ox is hiding in the Riverside Park in Oscoda. If you wish to find him, follow the clues. Start by locating the Riverside Park off of River Road in Oscoda. Park your vehicle and look for the first entrance to the birding trail which you will see after pulling in and to the left of the restrooms. Walk past the raspberries and stop and have a treat. Be careful, this is a deer crossing. When you come to the end of the path, turn to your left, there will be a six Pine trees there. When you see five trunks of Birch, sit and have yourself a rest. After you are done having a rest, continue along the path. Once you pass a giant pine tree on the right, take the loop around and look out at the river. If you look close, you will see fish swimming at the deck area. Continue back along the path passing the entrance you came in on. Pass the ferns and puzzle weeds and then the giant tree with 2 trunks on the left. Once you locate a 5 trunk tree on the left, take 12 steps in and Babe will be waiting behind the tree.