Team Don't Blink GISHWHES 2017  LbNA # 72055

Placed DateAug 12 2017
LocationLake Fairfax, Reston, VA
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Last EditedAug 12 2017

A tree stump stares across Lake Fairfax, perhaps wistfully, but it's hard to tell with tree stumps. The red merry-go-round is barely visible. In the distance, the shrieks and laughter of children cooling off at the waterpark.
A second stump stands behind the first stump, watching. Maybe the first stump is aware of this second stump, maybe not. It's hard to tell with tree stumps. Maybe the second stump is worried about the first stump. Maybe it's planning a stumpy murder.
Behind the second stump, up the hill, a tree. Maybe it's waiting for some arboreal drama. Like tree stumps, trees are hard to read. At the base of this tree, a hot flash of color. Stamp in to the other Gishers box. But that's not end.
Head back down the hill but... Wait....1/2 way down, you feel stumpy eyes burning into the right side of your face. You glance over. There in the trees! Another stump. Look beside that stump and you will find Don't Blink.
Don't Blink or you will miss it