Washington Irving Balloons  LbNA # 72158

OwnerSuperman Princess    
Placed DateSep 3 2017
LocationWashington Irving Park, Bixby, OK
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Last EditedSep 3 2017

Go to 131st and Memorial and head south.
Turn right into Washington Irving Memorial Park at Bill Putnam Way.
You will see a giant moose statue. That is where you turn right off of Memorial.
(If you are driving, get out of your car now)
You will see three red poles on the opposite side of the road from the moose.
Walk on the path past the three poles.
You will see a sign on your left that is facing the other direction. (the front of the sign says Stop Ahead)
Take about three steps from that sign and turn left.
In the shrubs or bush, you will find the letterbox!